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I’m not sure there’s an actual story here but somehow I wrote it anyway, and now it seems to be stuck, and rather than putting it nowhere I may as well put it up here

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So yeah, in a weird AU where the “timequake” from Age of Ultron caused Thor to die at pretty much the weakest point in his history—

—and it does seem like so far, the “timequake” deaths in this limited series have been killing people at their lowest point, which sort of makes sense if you assume Janet van Dyne was the weakest she’s ever been right at the start of her career, which is arguably valid—

—the last people standing in an Earth overrun by monsters from Asgard hatch a plan to get Mjolnir and wrap this shit up

which kind of begs a few questions here:

* in that group, why Natasha in particular? 
* why did she get two tries to pick the hammer up? did her intention change when she got decked?
* I feel like the “everyone with powers is dead” thing from the solicit got sort of overlooked in the actual issue
* Ms. Barnes? Is that Rikki?


idle thought of the day: i wonder if some of the people who will show up and complain about racial/gender/LGBTQ representation in scifi (i.e. Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm, etc.) are specifically thinking of the really stupid shit that happened in the ’60s and later when ostensibly progressive writers tried to show how down they were and ended up with something embarrassing written on their tombstones

Like, they’re not phrasing it very well, but they’re thinking of that Superman story “I am Curious (Black)” where Lois turns brown for a day and the original Eisner run on The Spirit and other works on that basic tier and just going, wait, no, do not do this again

It’s still stupid but at least it’s stupidity that’s coming from a slightly more understandable place than just being young and/or privilege-blind

I see and recognize your subtle pitch for a Blue Marvel and Son pulp-fiction limited series in the 1970s Marvel Universe and I am perfectly okay with it



It occurred to me after reviewing very hi-res screen caps of RE4 that Leon’s knife sheath is duct-taped to his gun’s shoulder holster. He’s attached it with duct-tape. Glad to see our hero of Raccoon City is solving problems the same way anyone else would.

Honestly, that looks more like the character designer for RE4 just created a weird-ass shoulder rig (or maybe ones like that exist, but outside of the realm of Google). From what I’m seeing, it’s two pieces of black material that button/velcro together around the knife sheath, allowing him to take the sheathed knife off his body.

Though, what really bothers me is… how does that knife stay in when it’s upside-down? When he fights Krauser he pulls it straight out, so it doesn’t have a snap or anything. Everything else about the design seems to be pieced together from real-world examples, but not that.

The sheath contains two tight sheets of spring steel that hold the knife in by the blade unless the hilt’s pulled. I want to say it’s called either an impact or a gravity sheath.

apparently this has been in my drafts folder for several weeks somehow

I wonder how long it’ll be before Melinda May and Skye get worked into the 616. if nothing else Not Chun-Li Really as a SHIELD agent would work pretty well in the Secret Avengers book

although Skye reminds me way too much of Suzi Endo.

overall though I think this show’s going to do the “Buffy” arc where it’s only truly worth watching in the second and third seasons and the rough spots have been sanded off

let’s call it the Kingdom Hearts Threshold: where a particular slash pairing has gotten so goddamn popular that the obvious stuff is all gone so people start writing the most ridiculous AU they can think of

like how at this point in Avengers fandom, Steve/Tony has inexplicably become so popular that it’s invading other works a bit at a time: high school, werewolves, vampires, probably robots, who even knows anymore

a casual glance at the RE tag on AO3 tells me that “Nivanfield” has reached that rarified status as of this week which means we’re on a roller coaster ride into pure stupidity as of right now

from this week’s issue of Thor: God of Thunder, Thor comes back to Earth and finds out Jane’s in chemotherapy

what I got out of this was basically Jane being smart enough to realize that hey, Thor could probably find a cure for cancer if he really worked at it but there is basically no way that would work exactly as well as advertised and I really don’t want at least one superhero fighting my sentient angry breast tumors, so let’s just skip all that and I’ll finish my chemo and we’ll see what happens

so yeah, that’s Jane being a tough fucking broad because she’s looking breast cancer dead in the eye and she’s not flinching

although between this and Foggy Nelson, the MU’s been kind of cancer-riddled lately, I wonder what’s up with that


ruingaraf asked: Chris!

  • What they smell like

I figure Chris for the kind of guy who has had the same leather jacket for the last twenty years and wears it a lot, to the point where a lot of people associate the smell of the jacket with him. The jacket, in turn, smells like both old, worn leather and baked-in cigarette smoke. I can’t imagine he wears a cologne and his deodorant is probably whatever was cheapest.

  • How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc):

Military precision, up with the dawn, out the moment his head hits the pillow, with the notable exception that he’s almost guaranteed one motherfucker of a nightmare about once a week without any way to predict it. Chris probably does a lot of jogging at night as a result.

  • What music they enjoy:

Chris’s iTunes playlist looks like he stole it from the local classic-rock station. He probably thinks music died when Freddie Mercury did. There are some newer bands he’d really like—Lenny Kravitz, the White Stripes, maybe the Shins—but getting him to try them would be an effort. He’s a comfort-zone guy.

  • How much time they spend getting ready every morning:

He’s fast. Not only because it’s rare that he cares what he looks like, so his entire routine is basically hygiene and that’s it, but because he’s used to not being in his own bed and having to jump up to do something important. Having ten minutes to brush his teeth properly might feel like a luxury.

  • Their favorite thing to collect:

Guns. If he was a relatively normal dude he’d probably have quite the collection of American firearms. This is something from S.D. Perry’s novels that for some reason, caught in my brain.

but yeah, he’s on the move constantly in modern stuff so he has to keep his possessions portable. in a theoretical future where he has to step back to a command position due to age or injury I would figure he’d be like a lot of old military guys and develop a really keen hobbyist interest in history and historical memorabilia

  • Left or right-handed:

He’s right-handed in-game.

  • Religion (if any):

Agnostic. Probably not one hundred percent atheist but he’s one of those guys who, if God is real, would have some pointed words for Him due to the world in which he lives. “so, uh, you have some kind of plan? and it involved this? explain. now.”

  • Favorite sport:

I could see him being into football when he was younger, pre-mansion incident. Now it’s one of those things he wishes he still cared about.

  • Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling (museums, local food, sightseeing, etc):

probably getting dragged behind Jill or Sheva or Claire, all of whom care a lot more about that sort of thing than he does. Chris has been everywhere at this point and it’s all a blur but he enjoys how the people he cares about react.

basically Chris on vacation stands around looking lost for a few days then goes back early

  • Favorite kind of weather:

bright, clear skies. maximum visibility. the best kind of weather for long drives.

  • A weird/obscure fear they have:

most of his fears would be totally understandable given what he’s been through but I could see Chris being absolutely terrified of the idea of dying really slowly as his body fails him, the way it happened to Spencer. he’s not scared of violent or sudden death but having to spend months or years as a complete invalid or worse, senility? that might get to him.

  • The carnival/arcade game they always win without fail:

he’s a professional-caliber marksman, or was at one point, so he always wins anything with a bullseye involved. I like to think there’s a bar with one of those Deer Hunter cabinets near the BSAA offices in London that he goes to a fair bit with co-workers and he’s got five spots on the top ten.

Let’s do a weird headcanon thing

Give me a character and I’ll tell you my headcanon for:

  • What they smell like:
  • How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc):
  • What music they enjoy:
  • How much time they spend getting ready every morning:
  • Their favorite thing to collect:
  • Left or right-handed:
  • Religion (if any):
  • Favorite sport:
  • Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling (museums, local food, sightseeing, etc):
  • Favorite kind of weather:
  • A weird/obscure fear they have:
  • The carnival/arcade game they always win without fail:

sure, why not.

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