So yeah, in a weird AU where the “timequake” from Age of Ultron caused Thor to die at pretty much the weakest point in his history—

—and it does seem like so far, the “timequake” deaths in this limited series have been killing people at their lowest point, which sort of makes sense if you assume Janet van Dyne was the weakest she’s ever been right at the start of her career, which is arguably valid—

—the last people standing in an Earth overrun by monsters from Asgard hatch a plan to get Mjolnir and wrap this shit up

which kind of begs a few questions here:

* in that group, why Natasha in particular? 
* why did she get two tries to pick the hammer up? did her intention change when she got decked?
* I feel like the “everyone with powers is dead” thing from the solicit got sort of overlooked in the actual issue
* Ms. Barnes? Is that Rikki?


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    Between the first and second try, Natasha shoots down a monster that’s going after a jet in the sky instead of shooting...
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